Policies & Positions


Policies & Positions

PHASA policy on hunting (adopted at the PHASA AGM on 17 November 2010). PHASA supports the responsible hunting of all species in a sustainable, extensive wildlife system that can fend for themselves, provided that such species are hunted according to the laws of the land and the PHASA Code of Conduct.

PHASA policy on hunting of leopards over hounds (adopted at the PHASA AGM on 16 November 2011). PHASA supports the hunting of leopards over hounds, within the governance compliance structure of the Sub-Saharan Houndsmen Association.

PHASA position on the hunting of captive-bred lions. The PHASA Executive Committee obtained a mandate from the members at the 2011 AGM to appoint a task team to engage in dialogue with the South African Predators Association regarding the hunting of captive-bred lions. The task team will formulate recommendations for a formal policy on captive-bred lion hunting to be adopted at a future AGM.

PHASA position on rhino vita-darting.  PHASA supports vita-darting, as an activity, provided that it takes place within the confines of the laws of the land.

PHASA position on rhino product sales. In principle PHASA supports trade in rhino products, provided that it takes place in terms of properly regulated structures and systems to be adopted and implemented in the future.

Our policies and positions are dynamic and develop constantly. We encourage our members to keep themselves abreast of these developments. Updates are published in all our communications. Policies and positions are debated and formulated at our AGM. (Positions and policies currently under consideration include, amongst others, professional hunter training and hunt donations.) Attend the AGM and be part of the decision-making process!