Exco Nominations

2014 PHASA EXCO Call for Nominations



PHASA members are invited to nominate candidates for election to the PHASA Executive Committee ('the Exco') for 2015. (Nomination forms available from the PHASA Office and can be downloaded by accessing this link) The election of the Executive Committee members will take place at the 2014 Annual General Meeting of PHASA ('the Meeting') to be held on 19 November 2014. 

1.    Notice is hereby given calling for nominations, for election to the Exco, of the following positions:
•    President-elect – one (1) position
•    Vice-president – (1) one position will become vacant only in the event of one of the current vice-presidents being elected as President-elect; should one of the current vice-presidents not be elected as President-elect, then there will be no vice-president election
•    Executive Committee members – two (2) positions

2.    Nominations are called for a President-Elect, one vice-president (subject to the outcome of the President-elect election) and two Exco members.

3.    Only full members are eligible for election as members of the Exco.  Only full members who have served a term on the Exco shall be eligible for nomination as president-elect and vice-president.  It is recommended that candidates be nominated for election in all the categories of office bearers for which they are eligble.

4.    Members who retire from Exco shall be eligible for re-election.

5.    Nominations shall be in writing, over the signature of two full members of PHASA and the signature of the nominee. Nominations must reach the PHASA office no later than 21 October 2014 in the prescribed format.

6.    Only full members are entitled to nominate and vote for office-bearers.

7.    The Chairman of the Meeting shall regulate the order of voting of the PHASA Constitution.  

8.    The following members retire by rotation:
Hans Vermaak (Immediate Past President), Phillip Bronkhorst and Peter Ruddle

9.    Members remaining in office are:
Hermann Meyeridricks (President), Stan Burger (vice-President), Matthew Greeff (vice-President) Johan van den Berg, Craig Maartens, Ray Kemp and Jan Kleynhans

10.    Proxies may be used.  Proxies shall be deposited at the PHASA address on or before 4 November 2014 or shall be given to the President prior to the Meeting.  Proxie forms can be downloaded here and are available from the office.
Physical Address:  71 Lobelia Lane, Irene, Centurion 0157, RSA, Postal Address:  P O Box 10264, Centurion 0046, RSA, Email Address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Facsimile Address: 012 – 667 2049