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African Hunting Gazette

Press Release: New name, PLUS Venue changes

African Sporting Gazette Inc, publishers of the African Hunting Gazette and founders of the exclusive, all-African hunting shows have been offering a range of marketing services to the African hunting industry for over 12 years. A brief summary of what we have done is as follows:

  • Exhibit at the major international shows (SCI and DSC) for over 10 years
  • Opened an office in North America
  • Publish and print the magazine in both Africa and in the USA
  • Distributed through all the major retailers in the USA (Cabela’s, Barnes & Nobel, etc.) and South Africa (CNA, exclusive Books, etc).
  • Grown our news-stand sales and international subscription base to a level that now exceeds the membership of DSC
  • Continued to invest in the quality of the product (which sells at a premium price)
  • Opened up African hunting exhibitions in both Canada and the USA
  • Undertaken the first African international hunting survey


Our shows were the first of their kind and have proven to be a strategic step forward for outfitters across Africa. In Canada specifically, where we have hosted shows in Toronto and Calgary, we are sorry to say the partnership we had for the management of these events has ended.  The Canadian based events run by our ex partner, may or may not run under the name African Hunting Show and consequently, to avoid any possible confusion with our brand, the magazine and what it stands for but more importantly to give clients the assurances they need when dealing with our organisation, we have made following changes with immediate effect:

  • Our exclusive African shows, will now be renamed African Hunting EXPO, 100% under our control.
  • Any shows run under the name African Hunting Show, or presented by any other entity will have nothing to do with our organisation.
  • The Calgary based African Hunting EXPO will be hosted at a new venue, closer to the airport, on the same weekend as was originally planned, 11-13 January.
  • There will be no Toronto based African Hunting EXPO as we have decided to not continue in this market. Any show that runs there (managed by our former partner) will not be linked to our organisation.
  • The Atlanta based African Hunting EXPO will remain at the venue where it was originally planned for 2013

All committed marketing plans for the African Hunting EXPO will remain and a program is in place to advise visitors to these facts.

Exhibitors booked for the Toronto and or Calgary African Hunting Show – which as of now has nothing to do with our organisation need to know of this change in order to evaluate their options.

Exhibitors wishing to follow us and move to the African Hunting EXPO in Calgary (at the new venue) will need to inform us, in order to make the appropriate administrative changes. We will guarantee all exhibitors that any deposits forfeited for whatever reason will be underwritten and honoured by ourselves; i.e. there will be no financial change or disadvantage experienced with this change. Exhibitors will be assured of our full marketing and media support with the new venue in Calgary. As the designers of all your banners, the website,, the marketing material and collateral for the shows – all the guarantees will remain intact regarding your requirements with our team of staff in the USA, South Africa and Canada associated with the hosting of these boutique events.

For personal queries, or other information you may need, you are free to contact us directly –

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Tanya Hallowell (Atlanta & Calgary Expo's)
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