African Hunting Expo


African Hunting Expo

African Hunting Expo

Hunting for Africa’s Greatest Spots?

Next year will be our 8th year presenting Africa’s finest line-up of hunting opportunities.

Before you spend any money on attending, it is critical you understand:
1. How we promote the expos
2. How we promote YOU, over and above attending the expos
3. What you get when you attend one of our expos

With more & more competition, options for you to consider, along with the BS so widely spoken in this world, your time and money becomes more precious. It’s important to read the fine print before deciding.

With us:
1. The expos are promoted through magazines, TV programs, associate relationships, and through our social media platforms.
This includes Africa’s leading international hunting magazine, the African Hunting Gazette, our corporate partnership with The Hunting Report, Alberta Outdoorsmen, Wild TV, the SCI Chapters in the cities where we host the event, our website which is on page ‘one’ of Google with ‘African Hunting’ and on our Facebook page which has more ‘likes’ than any other African hunting magazine.

2. Over and above attending our Expo, you will be promoted in the CONVENTION issue PLUS the following issue of the African Hunting Gazette.

There is no better vehicle. Not only does every attendee get a one year subscription, every single subscriber and reader of that issue, worldwide, for months and years to come will see your listing in this issue and the company profile in the following issue. On the busiest hunting website in Africa, your profile has the chance to be seen by
every visitor to the site – before, during and after the expo.

3. You get a turnkey solution:
Which enables you to arrive with your brochures and do business on the morning of the show to save you accommodation money. We set up the entire booth for you. Your booth banner will be designed, printed and installed, and power, internet, meals on each day, coffee, tea and water are provided – it is hassle free.

ALL the costs you incur directly and indirectly, the visitor to exhibitor ratio – are all important facts to understand. Do you want to be crammed in a room with 50 exhibitors over three days… or do you want to talk to more visitors when you’re one of 30 exhibitors over 2 days. What do you think the visitor wants?

In the end, you need to keep all your expenses in mind.
Our theme remains focused & unchanged – Hunting for Africa’s greatest Spots. It sums up what we’re about.

Edmonton: Saturday Jan 23 and Sunday Jan 24
Since our second show in Edmonton was such a success, we just had to do it again…with some exciting changes! We always work closely with SCI’s most successful international Chapter, Northern Alberta, but this year our show will be combined with their Horn Scoring event. We are honoured to be asked to team up with this great group of people. This
will mean more qualified attendees for you! We are also moving closer to the northern and western part of Edmonton, to the Nova hotel

You get qualified hunters coming to your booth from this oil rich city.

Calgary: Saturday Jan 30 and Sunday Jan 31
This will be our 4th year in Calgary located at the best venue in the city – The Coast Plaza Hotel This show started it all in Alberta and continues to be successful for hunters. Every year we work very closely with the Calgary SCI to get you qualified attendees. This year we are joining forces with the Calgary Fish and Game Association to combine their Horn Scoring event with ours as well.
It just gets better and better!

If you ever had any doubts about our commitment to you, the relationships that we have built with the local Safari Clubs and the Calgary Fish and Game Association should say it all.

If you have any questions please contact:
Nicole Kelly- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Richard Lendrum - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.