Annual Report


Fund Chairman's Report

 Fund Chairman's Report for the 2015 Financial Year

I want to start this report off with a big thank you to all the supporters of the Fund this past year! We might be a small part of PHASA, but let me tell you that a lot of the recognition PHASA receives is because of the hard work the Fund does.

Online Auction.
This new Fund initiative was one of the big new fundraising projects taken on in 2015, and for me, it was a big success. Thanks to our donors and buyers, we were able to raise R108,000.00 that will go directly into the pocket of the Fund. Thank you also to SA Auction Group for providing us this service at no cost. This is a project that can grow in the future so I ask all of you to please get involved and support us this next year.

Every year, we face new challenges in our industry when talking about politics and transformation. The fact is that we have to get involved in transformation projects, if we want to continue to live and work in this unique country of ours! We face huge challenges in job creation, food supply, housing and last, but not least, education. Our different cultural backgrounds not making these problems any easier.  The Fund has received allot of positive feedback from Government and the private sector for its great work in this department.
Without the great success our country has had on the conservation front, our industry would have suffered greatly! Continuous work is needed in educating the public on the role sustainable utilization is playing in conservation in this country and the rest of Africa. The Fund is our conduit in supporting conservation projects like anti-poaching, public awareness, etc.

Funding .
We wish to re-emphasise what the Fund stands for, as well as the procedures in obtaining sponsorships/funding.

The Fund is a non-profit company registered with SARS as a Public Benefit Organisation with the power to issue section 18A certificates (tax-deductible donations) with the following objectives:

•    To raise and grow funds to produce an income to promote objectives.
•    To promote and secure the future of professional hunting.
•    To provide logistical and financial support to PHASA.
•    To promote, support and advance:
-    the wise and sustainable use of wildlife resources through professional hunting
-    biodiversity conservation
-    broad-based black economic empowerment in the professional hunting and wildlife industries
-    education and training in matters relating to professional hunting and biodiversity conservation.
•    To support, commission, initiate, manage and/or fund research and projects relating to the objectives.
•    To render services to the cause of professional hunting and professional hunters, with the object of enhancing standards.

The Fund will consider applications for sponsorships or funding of projects with the following requirements:

•    Applications must be in writing, fully motivated and supported by relevant supplementary documentation.
•    The applicant should provide full particulars of himself, the nature, intended purpose and objective of the project, and how the project will satisfy the main business and objectives of the Fund.
•    Explain the recognition the Fund will receive as a result of the funding.
•    Indicate any co-sponsors.
•    Indicate financial control mechanisms and provide such particulars the Board may require.

Finally, after receipt of the application, the PHASA office will verify the application and assist the applicant in the preparation of a final proposal. The Board will then, in due time, consider all applications and make a final decision on the outcome of the applications.

The Fund is registered as a SARS-registered Public Benefit Organization and will be able to issue tax certificates to the executor of a donor’s will, which will ensure an estate duty benefit.  Over and above the tax benefit, a bequest also holds a philanthropic benefit to donors, knowing that they have contributed to a cause close to their hearts.
Dallas Frontline Foundation
During 2014, directors of the Fund took a resolution to consider a contribution to the Dallas Frontline Foundation on an annual basis. This is truly a wonderful initiative and worth our support!
(Read more in PHASA News of May 2015, pages 26 – 27)

Conservation Force
As President of Conservation Force, John has dedicated his life to promoting and protecting our industry. On an annual basis, the Fund approves a grant to Conservation Force in support of the great work done by John and his team.
Other Initiatives supported in 2015
•    Film – Rhino in Crisis: A Blueprint For Survival – Thank you to Coenraad and his team for their hard work in the ongoing struggle to promote and protect our hunting industry!
•    SPCA Western Cape - The Fund directors approved funding of R10 000 to the wildlife unit of the Western Cape SPCA, after the devastating fires earlier this year.
•    Partners for Possibility - The innovative PfP leadership development program revolves around the concept of business leaders and school principles developing their leadership skills in a co-learning and co-action partnership. The project engages students, teachers, parents, and the broader community and has resulted in schools experiencing an upward spiral of real change and a sense of possibility. Adri’s involvement as partner to the principle of JJ De Jongh School has resulted in her networking continuously throughout the year not only with the principle, teachers and parents, but also with other business partners within their circle.  These include amongst others SARS, CSIR, Nedbank, Sage Life, Bestmed and Deloitte & Touche. Through networking, we managed to create a much better understanding with senior officials of these organizations, regarding responsible sustainable utilization and the role of hunting.
•    Media Hunt - We all know the immense attack we have been facing this year in the media. I believe this is just the start, and that if we do not up our game and educate the general public in the value of what we do, our livelihoods are in grave danger. With the approval of the PHASA Exco and the Fund’s Board of Directors, PHASA hosted a group of journalists at the Iwamanzi Game Reserve and Groenvley in June and October.  The expenses carried by the Fund was little in comparison to the awareness created regarding the sound principles of sustainable use.
•    Hunters Care – Application for the registration of this logo has been submitted and will hopefully be completed in good time. If you have any projects that you are involved in, such as meat donations, and you would like to use the Hunters Care Logo, please contact the Phasa office. This will help create awareness on all the good work that is done by hunters.

Please see attached report of the independent auditors.


I would like to use this opportunity to thank everybody that was involved in any way with the Fund this year. Without the support of our donors and our members, the Fund would not be able to function! A special thanks has to go out to the Fund directors that give so much of there personal time and receive nothing in return. Then to the PHASA office for all their hard work and dedication. And last, but not least, to Adri: all I can say is that you will be missed! To the new and old directors who will take over the hard work next year, good luck and continue the good work!

Johann Combrink
Fund Chairman