Annual Report


Fund Chairman's Report


1. Overview
From an overall perspective, the Fund remained healthy, and income levels stable. A number of important projects were funded, and we were much more active than in previous years.

2. Our Future
I am sure that the Fund will continue to meet PHASA’s needs through direct financial assistance, as well as through the fulfilment of our mandate, according to which we meet our social responsibility. PHASA’s credibility was also strengthened by our involvement in transformation and empowerment.

The Fund broadened the sphere of its social responsibility by supporting projects beyond our traditional fields of empowerment and conservation, and becoming involved in social welfare projects. The Board made this decision, due to the  serious socio-economic and political challenges facing the country. The welfare project that PHASA supported during the past year was Toys for Africa.

It was very rewarding that we as an Association could make a substantial contribution to the lives of many disadvantaged children.

3. Voluntary Conservation Contribution
Our members are urged to collect the voluntary conservation contribution, as this will ensure the sustainability of the fund. PHASA would like to thank all the outfitters who made contributions. Their names are listed in the PHASA Convention Manual. Please continue promoting the conservation levy to your clients in future.

4. Donations
Our sincerest gratitude and thanks go to all our donors and sponsors for the donations and sponsorships received, PHASA can’t do without your continued support. Your names are also listed in the PHASA Convention Manual. PHASA’s Board will endeavour to strengthen our relationship with each and every one of you, and your organisation.

5. Gala Dinner
The PHASA Wildlife Heritage Gala Banquet was, once again, a tremendous success. A big thank you to everyone involved in arranging this event with so much success, namely  Marianna Louwrens, PHASA; Theresa Sowry, SAWC; and Adri Kitshoff, PHASA. We managed to raise funds to support the Southern Africa Wildlife College, and for training and conservation programmes. Funds were also allocated to PHASA’s coffers. I wish to thank all donors, sponsors, patrons, members and non-members for their support. We urge all members to support this annual event.

6. Projects
The Fund supported, initiated and funded a number of conservation and empowerment projects:
•    PHASA Wildlife Heritage Gala Banquet
•    The Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA), to the amount of R…., to assist in addressing the enormous rhino-poaching problem
•    Financial and logistic support of PHASA
•    PHASA Lion Task Team Meetings
•    PHASA Regional Meetings
•    Enrolment of a student in the SA Wildlife College
•    Contribution to Conservation Force
•    Toys for Africa (community/welfare project)
•    The Zululand Rhino Reserve to help with the establishment of a crèche.

We ask members to submit proposals for future projects.

7. Corporate Governance
Subsequent to the Fund Memorandum of Incorporation (MOI) adopted at the 2011 Annual General Meeting (AGM), the necessary steps were taken to implement the directives of the memorandum. The application to register the Fund as a Public Benefit Organisation, in terms of the Income Tax Act, was submitted during 2011 and was eventually approved by SARS. Apart from the aforementioned, there were no outstanding corporate governance matters.

8. Directorate and Management
•    Chairman – Dries van Coller
•    Vice-Chairman – Paul Stones, for a period, and then Eduard Katzke
•    PHASA CEO — Adri Kitshoff, who remains involved in all Fund affairs.

9. Public Relations
The Gala Banquet again proved to be invaluable from a public relations perspective. This event continues to create much-needed awareness of the role played by ethical hunting and PHASA in conservation and empowerment. It was followed by a press release on the success of the evening; and television interviews recorded at the event were broadcast on KykNET during the Wild & Wragtig programme.

During provincial visits, the role and achievements of the Fund were again conveyed to our members. Once again, Adri Kitshoff took the lead with all media and public relations matters.

10. Appreciation
After this AGM, my term as Chairman will be concluded. I wish to express my sincere gratitude to my fellow Directors, the invaluable members of PHASA (without you we would not be able to fulfil our mandate!), and the PHASA office staff. Last, but definitely not least, I am very grateful to our donors for all their support, counsel, loyalty and hard work to make the PHASA Fund the success story it is today. I am certain that the future holds a lot more promise and prosperity for the Fund!

Dries van Coller
November 2013