Annual Report


Fund Chairman's Report

 Fund Chairman's Report for the 2014 Financial Year

1. Overview
First and foremost, the Fund remains healthy and continues to support the membership’s mandate. We experienced a record-breaking Wildlife Heritage Gala fundraiser and received recognition for our empowerment efforts at various presentations made by our honourable Minister of Environmental Affairs, Mrs Edna Molewa.

2. Our future
The political challenges facing PHASA, as well as social responsibility issues, remain high on the Fund’s agenda. As with all businesses, it’s essential for the association to play a supporting role in the transformation of our country.

The Fund will continue to support all conservation projects that may have an impact or the potential to positively affect our industry. A decision was taken by the directors to only support the funding of projects where PHASA will have a platform to convey our message of sustainable utilisation.

The future of the Fund lies in the membership’s hands and I believe that, to achieve greater success, and receive support and buy-in from our membership, it’s important that the Fund play a bigger role in addressing membership concerns.

3. The Fund
The initial aim of the Fund was to promote and directly fund worthy conservation projects. This mandate was expanded in 2005 to include the promotion of empowerment, upliftment and transformation within the industry.

To simplify the Fund’s functions towards gaining a better understanding of them, imagine that they are split into an income and an expenditure stream, namely:

a.    The voluntary conservation
Charity begins at home, and contributions by hunting clients and outfitters will ensure the sustainability of PHASA and the Fund. Money raised from these contributions is used to fund conservation and PHASA-related projects.

Projects supported this year include:
•    PHASA promotional DVD and PHASA Advocacy Programme
•    Rhino anti-poaching initiatives
•    Conservation Force
•    DSC Frontline Foundation
•    Ntombela Foundation
•    Cape mountain zebra research project
•    Toys for Africa social responsibility project

.. with more to come. Funding has already been made available for a media hunt and the Partners for Possibility project. Further details are shared further down in this document.

b. Empowerment
The majority of the funds raised at the Wildlife Heritage Gala fundraiser are earmarked for our social responsibility projects, with the biggest beneficiaries being the South African Wildlife College and North West Parks Board. This year, the record-breaking event raised R2.4 million. To date, over 1 206 previously disadvantaged people from 12 conservation organisations in five countries within the SADC region have benefitted from training received at the college through the Fund.

The Board has also met with a consultative of the Department of Environmental Affairs specifically appointed to look into possible partnerships between government, communities and the wildlife industry. Further dialogue will take place during the new financial year.

4. Wildlife Heritage Gala Dinner
The Wildlife Heritage Gala Dinner was a huge success this year. A big thank you must go out to all involved, especially Marianna Louwrens and her team at the PHASA office, Theresa Sowry (SAWC) and our president, Hermann Meyeridricks. We are still in discussion with SA Wildlife College regarding the 2015 gala dinner and trust that we will have another successful event. To all the donors, sponsors, patrons and members, thank you for your support.

The Fund is also considering a Wildlife Heritage Fun Day to take place in Limpopo during 2015.

5. Public relations
The public relations exposure PHASA has enjoyed through the Gala Heritage Dinner can’t be underestimated. Along with our PR company’s efforts many public relations opportunities, both in the printed media and on television, have come our way. Our exposure in the local and international media has been phenomenal this year.

6. Toys for Africa
Thanks to members’ pledges made at the AGM last year and specific pledges to Toys for Africa, made at the gala dinner, PHASA and its members have been involved in many charitable projects during the course of the year. Thank you to all those who contributed financially to this cause.

I wish to extend a warm word of appreciation to my fellow directors, members from all nine provinces and staff who gave up their valuable time to represent PHASA at the numerous events arranged by Toys for Africa during the course of the year.

7. Donations
Our sincerest gratitude and thanks go to all our donors and sponsors for your generosity. PHASA can’t do without your continued support. Your names are also listed in the PHASA Convention Manual. Please remember that donations to the Fund are now tax exempt.

A huge South African thank you goes to Toyota for sponsoring a brand new vehicle for the Fund. We sincerely appreciate your generous gesture. Hopefully, this will encourage more corporate donations to the Fund in the future.

8. New initiatives

Some exciting new initiatives have been launched, namely:

a.    Hunters Care programme
Many members already donate venison, or provide other assistance to local charitable causes. PHASA would like to brand our members’ involvement and communicate a steady flow of information regarding the role we play in these communities.

b.     Partners for Possibilities
Education is one of the two critical challenges facing our country and school leadership is at the heart of the issue. The Partners for Possibilities programme establishes a partnership between a business leader and a school principal from an under-resourced school. PHASA will join many other blue chip companies, which will also expose the PHASA branding to the corporate business world on a national scale.

9. PHASA Conservation and Empowerment Fund leaflet
A brochure is currently being prepared for distribution by our discerning members and staff attending the various national and international hunting and outdoor shows. Along with a corresponding webpage, this brochure will solicit donations, and outline the background, objectives and achievements of the Fund.

10. Directorate and management: 2014
•    Chairperson — Peter Ruddle
•    Vice-chairperson — Phillip Bronkhorst
•    Directors — Hermann Meyeridricks (PHASA president), Jan Kleynhans, Gray Thornton, Johann Combrink, Sandy McDonald and Stan Burger
•    Company Secretary – Adri Kitshoff (PHASA Chief Executive Officer)

This event concludes my chairmanship of the Fund, and I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to my fellow directors and PHASA members, whose support has enabled us to fulfil our mandate! To Adri Kitshoff and her dedicated team, thank you for going the extra mile beyond the call of duty.

Ultimately, without the support from our donors and the driving force of the PHASA membership, the Fund would not have been able to achieve the success it has enjoyed to date. We can hold our heads high, knowing that our future prospects are even brighter.

‘We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.’ — Winston Churchill

Peter Ruddle
November 2014