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Taxidermist's and Trophy transportation

As stated earlier, it is the responsibility of the professional hunter to see to it that his client’s trophies are skinned and prepared according to the correct methods, and the responsibility of the hunting outfitter to obtain the necessary permits to convey and export his client’s trophies and to see to it that the trophies are delivered in good shape and order. Trophies can be forwarded to a taxidermist in South Africa for full taxidermy work, or exported in a "raw prepared" state to a client’s taxidermist in their home country. Currently about 65% of clients have their taxidermy work done in South Africa, as South Africa offers a good number of excellent highly experienced and reputable taxidermists. If the client is having their taxidermy work done in South Africa, it is highly suggested that they make sure the taxidermist they use deals regularly in taxidermy work for overseas clients. Clients should also check out credible taxidermists through their professional hunter/hunting outfitter, through PHASA, and through the following two associations:

The Commercial Taxidermists and Game Skin Tanners of South Africa
c/o P. O. Box 34242
Erasmia 0023
South Africa
Tel: 27 12 650 0000
Fax: 27 12 650 0009

The Taxidermists Association of South Africa
P. O. Box 7870
Newcastle 2940
South Africa
Tel: 27 34 370 1136
Fax: 27 34 375 6459