Netherland Transit


Transit through Netherlands

Travelling with Weapons and Ammunition to / through The Netherlands

When passing through the Netherlands while carrying rifles, weapons or ammunition, it is mandatory to file a consent application form with the Dutch Customs Department. In most cases this means that two applications must be completed - one for the flight to your country of destination, and one for the return flight.

Once you have completed the consent form you must fax (011-31-88-151-3182) it to the Customs Office in the Netherlands together with a copy of the information page of your passport (make sure it is a clean copy and that all details are readable) and a copy of Customs form from your own government.

In the US this is Customs form 4457 (Registration of Personal Effects Taken Abroad). US Customs form 4457 is submitted in lieu of a firearms license. If you do not have this form you will need to include a letter from your local sheriff confirming you are the legal owner of the firearms.

If you are traveling from a different country, please contact the customs department of your country directly.

Please allow ample time for processing your application. When approved a copy of the consent form will be faxed to you, which you should be able to submit at the airport in the Netherlands (presumably Schiphol Amsterdam Airport).

For further information please contact the Customs Office in Groningen, the Netherlands directly at 011-31-88-151-2122.