DYI permits

DIY Permits

DYI PERMITS (NOT making use of PHASA's pre-issued permit service)

All hunters temporarily exporting firearms for hunting purposes to South Africa and applying for a temporary import permit at the airport after arrival in South Africa (not a pre-issued permit), will need to have Proof of Export from the their country of origin

  • Without this proof, the police will not issue the temporary import permit and will confiscate your firearm(s). 

UK Citizens:
PHASA has contacted the UK Border Force and obtained the following instructions for hunters not having a pre-issued permit for the RSA:
-              Email the UKBF Armoury Control on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. at least 2 weeks prior to your departure for the RSA:
Advise them that you will be travelling to South Africa for a game hunting safari.
                Request them to issue you with a letter/document that you may lawfully temporarily export your firearms and ammunition to South Africa.
                Scan and email copies of the following with the request:
-           Passport
-           Firearms licence – indicate exactly which rifles/shotguns you will take and the amount of ammunition you will be taking
-           Return flights and dates
•          Contact details: +44 (0) 20 8910 3721
US Citizens:
Current customs form 4457 is sufficient: No expiry date at the top right hand side which has passed and the form must be dated / stamped in the year of travel.
Other Countries not issuing temporary export permits: Official affidavit or declaration from their police or customs authorizing them to temporarily exporting the specific firearms for hunting purposes to South Africa.

Please contact Ms Tersia du Plooy for any further questions: Contact Us