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Thursday, 23 June 2016 09:43



The SCI Record Book Committee is pleased to announce the new Game Birds of the World Awards Platform. This is a standalone platform that will not intermix with our existing Big Game Species Awards. The purpose of the new Game Birds of the World is to bring greater attention to the wonderful bird hunting opportunities throughout the globe and to provide additional goals for hunters who have either completed their big game hunting or are looking for another hunt to supplement their big game hunts. The Record book Department will accept birds from our extensive Game Birds list as photo entries only, there will be not measurements of these birds.

All game bird entries must be submitted on an Official Game Birds of the World photo entry form that can be found here, along with a field photograph showing the distinguishing characteristics of each bird. We recommend a photo of the chest, wing open, and one of the head. In addition, each game bird must be recognized by SCI as a huntable game bird on our comprehensive game bird species list, located on the SCI website. This list was compiled by the Game Birds of the World Committee which consists of PHD wildlife biologists and top wildlife researchers who dedicated a great deal of time into developing this great program.

In addition each species submitted for consideration must meet the following criteria:

  1. Species must be legally hunted with a shotgun.
  2. Have a known population status.
  3. Have a specific hunting season and be harvested during that season.
  4. Must be recognized as either "Upland Game Bird" or "Waterfowl" by the Game Birds Committee
  5. Must be shot while flying.

We are also launching 8 new Grand Slams exclusively for North American Game Birds which include both upland game and waterfowl Grand Slams. In order to qualify for one of these awards, you must submit each species required for the award and purchase either a listing fee $125.00 or the entry fee $250.00 for each award. If you choose to purchase the listing fee for each Grand Slam you will be listed as having achieved the award in all our Awards related publications. If you choose to purchase the $250.00 entry fee for each award you will receive all the benefits of the listing plus you will receive a custom made plaque detailing your award.

The Game Birds of the World ad hoc committee will evaluate additional Grand Slams to add from other countries by popular demand, so please give feedback to the Record Book Department on which game bird Slams you would like to see next.

Access this link to the website