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26 May 2017


ON INFLATED MEDIA REPORTS RE BURGER’S RESIGNATION                                             

The misleading, opportunistic, and inflated media reports that Stan Burger resigned as president of the Professional Hunters’ Association of South Africa (PHASA) earlier this week because he “reeled under the pressure of some captive-bred lion hunting supporters” are unfounded.

“PHASA acknowledges that our members have different and strong opinions on how the association’s resolution on the hunting of captive-bred lions (CBL) should be implemented, and that this has caused conflict within the association. This is, however, not the only reason that led to Stan’s resignation on 23 May,” says newly elected PHASA president, Dries van Coller.

The conflict [referred to above] may have caused some of the challenges that both PHASA and Stan had to endure, address, overcome and resolve during the past six months, “but these challenges are not putting PHASA’s CBL resolution in jeopardy in any away. This resolution still stands,” adds van Coller.

Stan’s reasons and motivations for resigning are not meant for public scrutiny and debate as it has to do with the manner in which the association and its members were governed in the past few months, and ought to be governed in the future.

Both Stan and PHASA have agreed not to discuss these details in the press because these matters are internal and personal, and have nothing to do with the future of well-regulated, responsible and legal hunting in South Africa.

“With that said, I need to clearly state that contrary to the inflated media reports that we have witnessed this week, PHASA is not going to dissolve nor are we about to heed to any “demands” that are not in the best interest of our members or in violation of PHASA’s constitution,” notes van Coller.

“Stan is a valued member of PHASA and the executive committee wishes him all of the best,” says van Coller.

He adds that PHASA will continue to safeguard, facilitate and promote the future of legal and sustainable trophy hunting as part of responsible conservation. “It is every hunter’s duty to ensure that whatever we do benefits Africa’s wildlife and contributes to the social-economic wellbeing of our communities,” concludes van Coller.

Other changes in PHASA leadership include the reinstatement of Barry York as vice-president.


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