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Committee of Inquiry into Allegations of Improper Practices by Certain Dealers in Firearms & Firearms Training Institutions

Please peruse this and send us any comments/input if appropriate, to reach us by 8 September so we may submit before the closing date and time.

Republic of South Africa

Call for Submissions

Committee of Inquiry into Allegations of Improper Practices by Certain Dealers in Firearms & Firearms Training Institutions

The Minister of Police, Mr EN Mthethwa in his capacity as the Minister of Police and the Executing Authority responsible for the administration of the Firearms Control Act, 2000 (Act No 60 of 2000), has appointed a Committee of Inquiry composed of Adv Hassim and Adv Ramashia to conduct an enquiry into questionable practices that are alleged to be committed by certain dealers in firearms and institutions responsible for providing training in the knowledge and use of firearms.
The Committee is mandated to conduct an enquiry into complaints relating to the following:

- Alleged practices of certain dealers to trade in or sell firearms that are reserved for an applicant to another while the applicant's application for a firearm licence is pending finalisation

- Circumstances under which, or reasons behind, a firearm reserved for an applicant for a firearm licence is sold to another person, pending the outcome of an application for a firearm licence

- Alleged practices of certain dealers to sell or issue training certificates without proper training in the knowledge of the Act and the proper use of a firearm to applicants for firearm licences to enable the issuing of a competency certificate to possess a firearm

- The extent to which training certificates are issued by non-accredited training institutions

- The extent of non-compliance with criteria for the granting of accreditation to dealers and training institutions, and non-compliance with the conditions of accreditation

- The effectiveness of current policies and procedures relating to dealers and firearms training institutions

- The language of instruction to applicants for firearms and its impact on the trainee with regard to proficiency in the use or handling of firearms and related matters

- Whether there exists collusion between certain firearm dealers and certain members of the Central Firearm Registry in the South African Police Service so as to delay the processing of applications for firearms for self-defence purposes or refuse such applications, and the extent of such collusion that may exist

- The extent to which firearms dealers who have closed their businesses have transferred, disposed of or kept firearms in stock in contravention of the law

- Any other matter that affects compliance with the Firearms Control Act by dealers and training institutions

Any interested party who has information relating to the Committee's terms of reference and who wishes to make written submissions to the Committee is hereby invited to submit such to the Secretary of the Committee of Inquiry on the 7th Floor, Van Erkom Building, 217 Pretorius Street, Pretoria or post to Private Bag X922, Pretoria 0001 by 13 September 2013. Written submissions must include sufficient details relating to the complaint as well as the full names and contact details of the person making the submission.

The Committee may, in exceptional circumstances, take into consideration anonymous submissions in its investigations where persons wish to disclose any unlawful practices, provided that full details of the unlawful practice are provided with reference to information so that the Committee may meaningfully investigate such practices.

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