Friday, 01 July 2016 08:29

Firearms Renewal Refusals

SAGA would like to remind all members that you need to check and keep note of the expiry dates of your firearm licences. Applications for renewals must be done more than 90 days (three months) BEFORE the expiry date.

SAGA is aware of the refusal to accept late firearm renewal applications, however the failure by the police to renew is not subject to the appeal procedures,


Section 24 of the Firearms Control Act (Act No. 60 of 2000) stipulates that “the holder of a licence issued in terms of this Chapter who wishes to renew the licence must at least 90 days before the date of expiry of the licence apply to the Registrar for its renewal”,


Section 28 of the Firearms Control Act stipulates that “A licence issued in terms of this Chapter terminates upon the expiry of the relevant period contemplated in Section 27, unless renewed in terms of Section 24”,

So you have the following options:

  1. Surrender your firearm to the Designated Firearms Officer (DFO) at your local police station and make sure you receive a receipt accordingly. Please take note the SAPS will not pay any compensation.
  1. Surrender the firearm to the Designated Firearms Officer (DFO) at your local police station and reapply for the licence as a new firearm application (SAPS 271). A form with regard to this has been placed on the home page of our website at We suggest you get the DFO to sign the form and that you take a photo of the firearm, to confirm the condition of the firearm. Should the DFO refuse to issue a receipt or sign the form (which is what we expect), take down the his/her name and number and record it on the form. Also take note of any comments, threats and the like the official might have made.

Please note that firearm dealers are not entitled to take possession of unlicensed firearms.

If you are surrendering a firearm, there is nothing to prevent you from taking off telescopes, magazines and even the stock or add-ons such a Pachmayr grips, extended safeties, and the like. There is also no prohibition to removing the slide of a semi-auto pistol or the bolt of a rifle you must just not remove barrels or deactivate the firearm.

As more information becomes available on the matter SAGA keep you advised.


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